Well this is new and interesting

A blog of my very own, I shall hug it it and cuddle it and call it Dave.

Not to start off on a downer but this is a big responsibility.

I have so often fallen in love with blogs, only to have them burn brightly and then fade as quickly, sort of like the blogosphere’s equivalent of a Blade Runner Replicant.

So, here’s what I’m offering; possibly some mildly amusing rants, some thoughts on life in general and regular updates.

So what’s the clincher, why visit me? Well, it would make me happy to get your thoughts on my thoughts so to speak, and anything you can do to make the happiness quotient of the human race go up should be a priority in your life.

Also I’m sitting pretty (pretty annoyed most of the times) in a small country on the Southern tip of Africa and believe you me there’s nothing quite as hair raising as an average day in Johannesburg South Africa. Geography at least should provide me, and by extension you with some amusement and quite possibly some horrifying stories to relate over dinner.

So, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, my six year old daughter has inserted a small stone in her ear and I’m off to the emergency room. For the second time in two days. The first doctor apparently suffered from some sort of visual problem which prevented him from seeing properly. goodness me there are so many things which annoy me, I mean let’s be realistic the ear canal is not the most spacious place in the world, Aerosmith isn’t going to be renting the space out for their next gig, although the whole ‘falling off the stage thing would be safely dealt with.

I’ll keep you up to date.


3 thoughts on “Shiny!

    • I’m holding my own, currently it’s down to a judges decision, but I fear that her stamina might still get the better of me.

      I’m staving off the inevitable by the fact that I’ve given her the wrong blog address. I claim technical difficulties when she tries to access the site.


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