Outraged and sickened

I sat down at my desk and was all set to complete the story of Anthony and I and the river of death (see previous posts).

I wanted to add a little amusement to your day  (goodness knows I do try). But then I couldn’t, the words wouldn’t come.

I’m sorry, but the last week has made me take a step back and wonder about humanity, where we are, who we are and where we want to be.

If you’ve been following the news you would have seen or read about Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

He is the man who was (at least in part, he was the only one convicted of the crime) responsible for the the death of 259 people (243 passengers and 16 crew) on board Pan Am flight 103.

He was released to his home country, Libya, where he was greeted with great fanfare, a returning hero.

The Lockerbie bombing killed all of the people on the flight, their body parts strewn over the crash site like so much bloody confetti.


He was released from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds, apparently suffering from prostate cancer which has left him with (supposedly) three months to live.

This is a man convicted of a cold blooded, preplanned murder of 259 men, women and children.

“Compassionate grounds”? Did he show compassion? No he did not, he did not show an ounce of human feeling when he placed an explosive device on flight 103 that blew a half metre hole on the left side of the aircraft. The resulting impact in Lockerbie also killed 11 innocent people on the ground, when the wing section of the aircraft plowed into 13 Sherwood Crescent at more than 800 km/h.


This piece of human filth will spend his remaining days being feted by the people of Libya and their ‘Brother Leader’ Colonel Gaddafi.

I deal in words, but sometimes words cannot adequately express feelings, in this case a deep visceral disgust of what I regard as liberalism run wild.

On what planet, on what sphere of existence, on what concept of nuanced morality can this be justified? By this action the Scottish courts have betrayed not only the victims of this crime and the families of those who died on that day in 1988, but have in fact betrayed the very concept of justice.

This fanatic, murdering psychotic piece of shit should have been left in prison to die in agony, new age liberalism be damned.

I’ll try to regain my sense of humour in the coming days, but this makes me want to weep; for those who died that day, for their families and finally for the concept of justice. They say justice is blind, but in this case Lady Justice, that proud bearer of the scales, has had her eyes removed by a blunt scalpel of misguided compassion, the mask she wears now preventing her blind gaze from falling on a travesty carried out in her name.

Among the dead were 5 members of the Dixit-Rattan family, including 3-year-old Suruchi Rattan, who were flying to Detroit from New Delhi, on their way home fate placed them aboard Pan Am 103.

Suruchi will never enjoy the playground, her laughter will never fill her parents’ lives, she will never skip and dance under an Indian sun, it all ended on 21 December 1988, 31,000 feet above a small field in Southern Scotland.

Her story, along with those of the other passengers on Pan Am 103 will never run its full course.

I hope and pray that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s last days are filled with the same sort of agony that he caused others.

Hopefully the next post will be more light hearted.


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