it’s Raaaaiiining again!

It might not be of any interest to many of you, but we’ve just had our first thunderstorm of the Spring.

Short, sharp and over in half an hour, but already the air is clearer, the mind sharper and the birds are singing in the trees.

The first showers hereld a new season. Our spirits are lifted and we can look forward to a magnificent summer.

In Africa many worship water in all its forms, rivers, lakes and streams. The thunder that sounds across our skies every summer evening will gladden our hearts and lift our heads.

The grey grass will be swept away in a riot of new growth, green stalks peppering the landscape, until the Earth is covered in a verdant carpet.

We can only hope that a new season will bring growth, prosperity and great happiness to all.

Wherever you are I pray that a new season of  growth on this corner of the Mother continent will bring your dreams to fulfillment.

The high veldt of Africa rejoices and hopefully will share its bounty with you.

Health and happiness, love and joy are spread by the rain.

May its waters fall upon you.

PS: God that’s verbose. But it comes from the heart.


One thought on “it’s Raaaaiiining again!

  1. This is the first time I’ve read Steve’s Blog. I just LOVE it and will be a regular visitor. I don’t have to miss his off-beat comments at work anymore. I can thankfully get my regular fix of Steve-isms by reading his rantings here. He does have a disturbing view of things which tickles something in my brain and activates my laughter program. Before I know it, my day is made and I am left chuckling aloud long afterwards, much to the concern of my remaining colleagues.

    Just so that you know. I have a special name, which Steve gave me shortly after we met at work four years ago … it takes some explaining though.

    Who am I ? I am a softie and am forever making efforts to make things right and better. Yes ! It is exhausting. A lot of energy is spent in an often futile attempt to fix things that are wrong in our society. Nobody really listens as Steve has regularly pointed out to me. But I insist on breaking myself against the walls of poverty, animal cruelty and human injustices – a sort of crusader for the underdog and (I like to think) a protector of the planet, in my own somewhat insignificant way … and our Steve here, is a realist !

    Upon Steve realising what I was about, he raised an eyebrow and deftly dubbed me: “A bunny loving, tree hugging, vynbos fondling, bleeding heart fucking liberal.” And we have been firm, fast friends ever since !

    So, write on dear Steve. Let your words be to you as a sword is to a brave knight. Slice open the closed mind of the reader, free the imprisoned damsel of imagination within us, give rise to laughter and insane takes on life as we DON’T know it.

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