This is going to be a difficult post.

I have the utmost respect for people who go into areas where the people in the streets are downtrodden, where water, health, sanitation and food are luxuries, rather than human rights.

Anyone with access to cable television or the Internets will be aware that existence for those in the third world can be a bitter and cruel struggle.

However, if you want to make the world a better place for people you’d better be sure that those people want a more fulfilling way of life and that they’re not more comfortable with barbarity.

The world has just lost another crusader for the priveledges (not rights) that many of us take forgranted.

A news report today:

Risking their lives to help disadvantaged Afghans became almost a norm for Tom and Libby Little.

“We raised our three daughters through what was, at times, just hell,” Libby Little said. “A hundred rockets a day was a good day.”

Family members lived underground to avoid bombings, she said. Yet they stayed out of a love for the people and a passion for providing eye care for the needy.

But violence prevailed on Thursday.

Tom Little, a New York optometrist, was among 10 people killed by gunmen in Badakhshan, a remote northeastern region of the country. The mostly foreign members of a medical team were robbed and shot one-by-one on a remote road. Their bodies were transferred to Kabul early Sunday, authorities said.

I can understand the motivation of a man to make a difference, there are after all Judeo / Christian ideals that make us who we are.

We would like the world to be a better place and there are amongst us who would put their lives on the line to enable the downtrodden to achieve a better quality of life.

The problem is that in many of these countries a cultural / religious imperative has made violence a way of life. Whether it be an adherence to a displaced sense of honour, a misogynistic attitude or an absolute adherence to a moral and legalistic code prescribed by a holy book, the result seems to be the same; violence and horror.

Where is the outrage, the outright condemnation of the purpetrators of this sick and twisted act?

Hunt them down and make them the victims of their own barbarity. It has been said that when you sink to the level of your enemy you may fall pray to their own depravity. If these people want to sink to a level of the mud pit, then get down and dirty.

I usually apologise for any overtly political statements I make on this blog, not this time.

These are animals, put them down.



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