A nightmare come true

As you read this post there are 33 miners trapped kilometres below ground in Chile.

They, and their families have been informed that the soonest they can expect rescue is Christmas of this year, if all goes well.

They are receiving aid through a narrow pipe. Water, clothing and food are being supplied to them on a regular basis.

According to news reports rescuers are sending clothes, medicine and games down the 700-metre borehole, which has the diameter of a grapefruit, to help keep the men physically and mentally fit.

Please take what I’m going to say in the spirit that it is intended, and it is intended in utmost seriousness.

These people are, in all probability going to be confined to a small space for many months.

What happens to their waste matter? I’m not taking the piss (sorry), but they are receiving food and water so where does the eventual result of eating and drinking go?

They’re in an enclosed space with no hope of help for months. I would assume that efficient waste disposal would be incredibly important for their continued emotional and physical wellbeing.

I make this enquiry in all seriousness, can anyone help me out with an answer?

My prayers go out to the miners and their families, seriously I cannot think of a more emotionally trying situation.

If you think that I’m being insensitive then sorry, I just would like to know more about how these men are coping with a situation that would drive most of us insane.