I heard it in the wind

After many months of dryness, dust and pollution Mother Nature has again rewarded our patience in South Africa with the first rains of the summer.


It was almost unexpected, and let me tell you now people where almost on their knees waiting for the rain.


And then, after a lot of sky gazing it finally happened, and if you read the following please don’t underestimate the effect that rain has after the long, dry Highveld winter…


A low growl in the South and an answer from the North came together slowly but certainly. And then a cataclysm of thunder and rain, washing away hard thoughts and doubts, bringing a softness of emotion that has been lacking for months.


This is the first time I think that I have heard anger in the wind. Perhaps it’s age but the first real storm seems to have a voice, and that voice is summer and in the first rains almost biblical.


It rips away the dust and dry air and stamps its authority on the Highveld.


Imagine a voice in the thunder, I heard it, and I bet you a lot of other Highveld people heard it as well, anyway I heard it in the thunder:


“Enough, you have kept these people under a yoke of dust and greyness, but this time is mine, be gone”


“Rejoice children, I am back and at least for this short while I will give you rain and thunder, I will make each evening sky light up and my voice will be heard in every home.”


“Many days will start with mist and fog, but this will soon clear and my son, the hot, hard sun will shine down on you and yours, the blue sky framing his beauty. Each evening I will calm him and set him to slumber with my lullaby of rain and a thunderous tale of age old love, which I have told him for ages, and if you listen carefully will do the same for you, for it is a cool and calming tale of sleep and care.


“I am the soul of Africa and you are my children, I have banished the cold and dust, I have sent my water to nourish you, this is my gift, feel your own hope spring into being once again in your hearts.”





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