Articles on owning landed property in Singapore and Malaysia –


Two more articles have been posted to the web. Both of these are to appear in the next print edition version of the coffee table magazine PropertyLife.

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Here’s an extract of the Singapore article:

Much like its famous chicken rice, Singapore properties are safe and deliciously rewarding. And the city-state’s landed houses, though pricey, even more so.

If you are a foreigner with deep pockets and are lucky enough to receive the blessing of the Singapore government, you can secure your dream home on this equatorial island. Described by many as ‘Asia Lite’, it offers an engaging South-East Asian experience with Western comforts and amenities. But even if you meet the stringent government requirements for landed home purchase, what does Singapore offer that other countries in the region might not?

When Sir David Attenborough visited Singapore in the 1950s, he suggested that the trip was filled with hardship and the destination hardly worth the effort. It was the back of beyond, a series of small tin sheds on the shores of the not-too-sanitary Singapore River.

Times have changed. The renaissance of Singapore as a sought-after property investment and lifestyle destination that began in the 1950s was powered by a forward-thinking leadership and an absolute commitment to the vision of a world-class financial and services-orientated economy.

Landed houses in Singapore: possible or a pipe dream?


The city-state today boasts a glittering downtown skyline, a world-class infrastructure and a vibrant local and expatriate community. Visitors and islanders themselves can take advantage of opportunities to engage in some retail therapy in an environment that rivals the best that New York, Paris and London have to offer. Michelin-starred restaurants exist in a spirit of laissez-faire alongside hawker stalls where a few dollars can unlock the door to gastronomic paradise. In Singapore your diet goes out of the window and an afternoon on the city streets can add inches to the waistline, meaning more business for the bespoke tailors found all over the island.

Here you will have access to some of the best medical care money (and your health insurance) can buy, sparklingly clean streets and a graffiti-free public transportation system (including MRT stations with floors so clean that you could enjoy your world-famous chicken rice right off the tiles) that works on time, every time. A gridlock-free highway system that allows access to all parts of the island and across the Johor Strait causeway into neighbouring Malaysia makes travel by car both scenic and hassle free. Should you have children, they can be placed in private schooling or a tertiary education institution managed by some of the best names in the business. Leisure activities abound, all housed within Singapore’s famously safe and secure precincts.

The combination of stable government, safety, security, a modern infrastructure and the easy availability of imported goods all factor into making the island tremendously attractive to foreign and domestic property buyers.

Singapore has also been described in Time magazine as ‘The Hottest (Little) Economy in the World’. The island hums with activity, downtown is abuzz with excitement and the government is worried that birth rates are falling too fast due to native Singaporeans’ absolute commitment to building wealth. No time for babies, lots of time for business. Putting down roots in this miniature powerhouse is like sticking your finger into the electrical socket of commerce (but in a good way).

Singapore’s location at the crossroads of South-East Asia positions it as the ideal starting point for explorations of an area known for its natural splendour, vibrant cities and business opportunities. For these reasons Singapore today rivals Hong Kong as a property investment destination.

Much of the property market in Singapore is driven by the ever more impressive condominium developments that are a characteristic of its skyline. However, there is also ample opportunity to invest in landed property and enjoy a unique synthesis of South-East Asian excitement and the comforts of a truly global metropolis. This bite-sized entrée to the Asian experience is certainly worth exploring.


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