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In a recent post for The Atlantic, Derek Thompson investigates what drives people to read content online. As a writer for a popular news site, it’s of interest to Thompson to find out what people are clicking on and why when navigating through the endless amount of web content available. Though it sounds like a boring study of analytics at first, his findings and references are actually super interesting.

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

Investigating how the consumer interacted with traditional media and how the social media differs is one of the most fascinating studies for marketing and communications fold to undertake.


Some (myself included) would argue that very little has changed since the newspaper was King of the Hill. The same rules to engaging with carefully selected demographics apply, the same headline rules, the same intro paragraphy rules.


Grabd the reader’s attention and make sure they stick.


The difference is the social media channels go far beyond simple print in sharability, targeting can be much more precise and engagement is taken to a whole new MEASURABLE level.


So, everything changes, but everything stays the same.

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