Is Content Marketing changing SEO?

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Is Content Marketing already the most important aspect of SEO
SEO or search engine optimisation is all about link building
and on-page keyword optimization, but with search engines like
Google redu

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

The short answer is yes. The considered answer is that SEO and Content Marketing are very different. The guide should be what Google recognises as ‘adding value to the user experience of the Internet’.


My advice to clients – listen to what Matt Cutts from Google has to say about content and don’t be fooled into believing that SEO is a magic bullet.


From Mr Cutts’ blog:


"Here’s my rule of thumb: if someone sends you an email with an SEO offer out of the blue, be skeptical."


SEO has its place, and that place is about 3% of the copy that is associated with really engaging content, or in the structure of a website, the days of copy jam packed with SEO terms (even the long tail type) are coming to an end.


That said, if you can find a really good SEO writer who can develop clever, engaging copy, then have a chat with them.

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