This tiny, wearable patch makes you invisible to mosquitos

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A mosquito can detect the carbon dioxide emanating from a prospective meal from hundreds of feet away. The Kite Patch, a small, non-toxic sticker that you place on your clothing, can jam a mosquito’s CO2 radar.

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

This has the potential to revolutionise malaria prevention worldwide.


People are beginning to take crowd funding for granted, however pause and think about how democratising funding for projects like this is making a huge difference to the products that are destined for market.


Although the success rate for crowd funded products is low, the approach allows ordinary people to contribute to the success of products from concept to reality.


By looking at crowd funded projects we can get a good idea of trends around real market needs. Tracking these trends gves us a good idea of the the wants and needs of specific regional and global consumer groups and in itself that is valuable information.


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