The fall and rise of magazines from print to digital

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Declining sales do not mean the end for glossies. More platforms mean better ways of connecting people with their passions…

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

Combining digital and print and providing insight that online versions (geared to the short attention span audiences of today) cannot match within the confines of limited space amy be the future of mags.


With the increasing reliance on mobile (tablets not withstanding) as a delivery channel print publications  in  niche markets especially may still have decades of life.


It’s worth noting that the human eye and brain are designed to both focus and note peripheral value aded information. The printed page offers value at a glance – and the decision to immerse the mind in the content is made on a variety of levels. Although online delivery is without doubt more interactive the interactivity demands actions on the part of the reader which include steps that may interupt the smooth delivery of information.


A well designed print page (infographics / images . charts etc) can convey just enough to hold the attention of the reader immediately.


Just a thought.

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