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The most terrifying piece of freelance writing software in the world…

This turns the blood in my veins to ice. I swim in a sea of anxiety at the best of times when it comes to writing. This would simply add a school of sharks, I don’t think it would help – I’d be paralysed…

About Write or Die:

The most frightening piece of freelance writing software in the world.

The most frightening piece of freelance writing software in the world.

From the Guardian newspaper.

This is horrible! The novelist David Nicholls says that while working on his latest book Us he used a piece of software called Write or Die, which starts to delete what you are writing if you pause for too long. “I was convinced that there was a novel in me and I had to just spew it out on to the page,” Nicholls told an audience at the Cheltenham Literary festival. “I produced huge piles of paper and I saw it was all rubbish. It was as if I was writing with a gun to my head.”

I agree. I can say so because I have been asked to write this article both about Write or Die, and on it and, under the circumstances, the only way I could do justice to the stress would be with a list of swearwords. Having readied that quote from Nicholls, I set a target of 400 words in one hour and activated the evil setting. This seemed the fun thing to do, but in fact it means that if I stop typing even for just a couple of seconds, the screen goes pink, then puce, then red, then crimson … then the last word on the document disappears, then the next, then the next. There is a pause button I can press once, I have just discovered by pressing it.

BUSINESS MARKETING: Say it again and again then reinforce it – nwitimes.com

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BUSINESS MARKETING: Say it again and again then reinforce it
It’s not a secret strategy but over time, repetition can be one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools a business can use to become known in the marketplace.

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

Very interesting insight – worth reading.

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Print vs. digital: Flaneur magazine celebrates life offline – Deutsche Welle

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Print vs. digital: Flaneur magazine celebrates life offline
Deutsche Welle
Print vs. digital: Flaneur magazine celebrates life offline. One street at a time, Flaneur digs into human stories at the local level.

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The fall and rise of magazines from print to digital

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Declining sales do not mean the end for glossies. More platforms mean better ways of connecting people with their passions…

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

Combining digital and print and providing insight that online versions (geared to the short attention span audiences of today) cannot match within the confines of limited space amy be the future of mags.


With the increasing reliance on mobile (tablets not withstanding) as a delivery channel print publications  in  niche markets especially may still have decades of life.


It’s worth noting that the human eye and brain are designed to both focus and note peripheral value aded information. The printed page offers value at a glance – and the decision to immerse the mind in the content is made on a variety of levels. Although online delivery is without doubt more interactive the interactivity demands actions on the part of the reader which include steps that may interupt the smooth delivery of information.


A well designed print page (infographics / images . charts etc) can convey just enough to hold the attention of the reader immediately.


Just a thought.

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3 Keys to Repurposing Content on SlideShare

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Whether it’s Facebook updates, tweets, blog posts, research reports, newsletters, video, white papers or more, we all produce content these days. How do you reach your audiences on each platform wi…

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

Did you know that SlideShare is a LinkedIn company?


Well, now you do (I didn’t).


The latest trends seem to indicate that SlideShare is becoming more and more important as a way to engage with potential clients.


It’s also a great way to repurpose content that may or may not have been sufficiently shared across the social media.


Stories abound of astronomical sharing numbers using this channel / media.

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How Coke Helped Create Pepsi, and Other Historic Market Moments – Motley Fool

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How Coke Helped Create Pepsi, and Other Historic Market Moments
Motley Fool
The stories of Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO ) and PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP ) have a lot more in common than brown, fizzy sugar water.

Steven Mallach‘s insight:

The history of the ongoing battle between Coke and Pepsi for market share is as fascinating as it is instructive.


The competition between these two giants will only become more interesting as new US regulation governing the use of ‘natural’ ingredients in their softdrink alternatives heats up.


Given that the market is changing, and has been for some time the pressure on their marketing operations is going to be significant.


My predication – look for the bottled water market to become more cut throat as differentiation between ‘natural’ and reverse osmosis brands becomes a factor in market dominance. Also keep an eye on the growing consumer awareness of recycling and ‘plastic container’ issues.



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